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This forum is for KMGMA members to discuss items related to operatinghealthcare companies. It is
family-friendly and so all participants areasked to conduct themselves with class. Profanity or vulgar slang will not betolerated.

KMGMA moderators reserve the right to edit or deleteposts at their discretion! Posts should not contain any of the followingcontent:

- Profanity or vulgarities (dust off the dictionary and find a better word)
- Flames
- Constant or unconstructive criticism

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- Off-topic posts not in the Off-topic forum
- Topic "hi-jacking"
- Multiple, identical posts
- Material that may be construed as offensive, whether or not it is on-topic
- Commercial or "classified" advertising, or other forms of SPAM.
- Hoaxes or other intentional forms of deception. (Subject to interpretation byforum staff.)

Accounts and Usernames:Registering multiple accounts is strictlyprohibited. If you are suspected of doing this, all but one will be deleted. Ifthis is attempted more than once, a ban may be issued. All usernames mustfollow the post content rules stated above. Inappropriate usernames will bedeleted without warning.

Other personal information:Posting of personal information aboutanyone other than yourself is also strictly prohibited. Violating thisrule will most likely result in an immediate loss of posting privileges (ban).

Posts that violate these guidelines are subject to deletion or editing by forummoderators. As with any forum of this nature, there will be some subjectivitywhen determining whether guidelines have been violated. If your post getsedited or deleted, do not get upset with the moderators. They are human and itis not personal.

Users who repeatedly violate these guidelines will be subject to loss ofposting privileges either temporarily or permanently, depending on the degreeof violation.

Please keep off-topic discussion in the off-topic area. On-topic threads thatget "hi-jacked" may be split and moved to the off-topic forum.

Please do not conduct personal discussions in the forums. The Private Messagingsystem works well for this.

Thank you and enjoy your time on the KMGMA forums!

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